Having Trouble Finding Your Dream Home? Building New is the way to go.

Based on research done by Zillow, one of the world’s biggest online real estate database companies, it seems that in today’s market building can be better than buying.

We all have our ideal dream home in mind when purchasing a new home. Sometimes you know exactly what trims you want, layout style you prefer and even appliances you want to have. That’s why building can be a better solution then just buying.

Zillow points out that there are two factors proving that now is the time for building or buying a new home:

  1. Mortgage rates are at an all time historic low
  2. The national unemployment rate is down to 4.3% in May

As Zillow puts it, “An incredibly strong jobs market, coupled with historically high levels of home affordability, is helping create a perfect storm of home buying demand that is proving incredibly difficult for home builders and home sellers to satisfy.”

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