I am writing this testimonial to recommend VanSant Construction to anyone in the market of building a new home. My husband and I researched many new home builders but all seemed to only have a couple floorplans to choose from and any modifications were either not possible or very limited.

We stumbled across VanSant Construction one day by chance and called them to set up a meeting to see if they would be able to build the house we chose, not that someone chose for us.

This company is extremely professional and walked us through every step of the home building process. We took them floorplans for the house that we chose and discussed the changes that we wanted to make. They were extremely helpful, informative, offered suggestions, and helped us to build the house of our dreams.

Every step of the way we were informed of the next step as well as budgets. We had allowance sheets to follow for every step and were able to pick out not only the exterior but all the interior materials for the house. Every single other builder we spoke to had sample materials and you had to pick from their selections. Vansant Construction is truly a custom builder. Not only would I highly recommend this company, without a doubt I would use them again!!

Lisa Ecker

Mr. Van Sant built my house in 1986 and it was a excellent experience. His ability to direct and manage the construction of large top of the line houses is truly excellent. ln addition, Mr. Van Sant’s workmanship is of the highest quality. He is very easy to work with while planning the finishing for the houses, (cabinets, moldings, etc.) and getting the scheduling for implementing the construction and finishings (appliances,carpet, etc.) I believe anyone will be pleased to work with Mr. Van Sant with the building of their home. I know they will find the finished product to be of the finest quality.

Harold D. Clifford

Our experience with VanSant Construction Company was above and beyond our expectations. We needed to downsize to a home that would suite us in our retirement years but also provide space for grandchildren and out of town visitors. From purchasing the lot to choosing the house plans VanSant did everything to make our experience in designing what we want in our home a truly stress free experience.  I am sure we were not their easiest clients because we were very specific in what we wanted. There were times we must have tested their patience (like 5 trips to the brick yard and multiple samples before we made a brick choice or having them resurvey for the house positioning several times so it set on the property in a way that gave us the best view) but they were always gracious and supportive.

In addition to home design our priorities were quality craftsmanship, efficiency and maintenance free.  Many of our family members are in the construction trade and they are all impressed by the quality of our home.  VanSant Construction takes pride in the homes they build and there are no short cuts taken.  Our home is absolutely beautiful.

As for the overall experience in building our home with VanSant Construction, it was fantastic and we would recommend them highly to anyone that wants a quality home. If you choose VanSant Construction you will not be disappointed.  Our son was so impressed with both our experience and the quality of our home he is having VanSant Construction Company build his home in the near future.

Thomas & Bonny Marcellino